Jill Kearns

Sweet Sleep Challenge: Start Here

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I have a question for you.

How are you sleeping?

  • Is it restful?
  • Do you toss and turn?
  • Do you wake up ready for the day?
  • Do you worry your way through the night?
  • Are you relying on sleep aids that leave you groggy and affect your health?

Are you ready to truly rest?

  • According to estimates, 50 million to 70 million people in the U.S. have ongoing sleep disorders.
  • Women are 40% more likely to have insomnia than men are.
  • 40% of people with insomnia may have a diagnosable mental-health condition.
  • 79.4% of adults who take prescription sleep medication experience a residual effect such as oversleeping, feeling groggy, or having a hard time concentrating the next day.
  • 94.8% of adults lose at least an hour of sleep to pain in a given week.
  • 57.8% of middle schoolers and 72.7% of high school students get less than the recommended amount of sleep for their age.
  • 30.8% of parents and guardians say their school-age children are not getting enough sleep with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have mild to severe sleeping problems.


We would love to guide you on a journey of restorative sleep throughout the month of August so you can work, handle back to school schedules, prepare for the holidays, and do all the things you dream of doing from a rested state.

Then, in September, we'll be guiding you through a process of concentrated nourishment so that you can fill that rested body with energy.

What do you say? Would you like to join us? It's so easy.

We're going to grab two oils.

  • Peace & Calming
  • Cedarwood

Inexpensive. Simple. Life changing.

Each day you will do the following three things:

  • Diffuse Peace & Calming and Cedarwood Oil every day in your home.
  • Take at least one full minute to slow down and breathe it in.
  • Put your phone in another room before going to bed each night. *

So easy!

When you breathe in an essential oil, molecules enter the limbic system and elicit a physical and emotional response. Because each essential oil is derived from a different plant part, every oil has a completely unique chemical profile. The chemical profile of an essential oil is what determines its benefits. For example, some constituents can give an oil a soothing or calming aroma (Lavender, Cedarwood, Peace & Calming), while other constituents can make an oil cleansing, cooling, or invigorating (Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lemon).

When it comes to supporting healthy sleep, using essential oils with more calming aromas can be useful for creating a relaxing atmosphere. We can use the scent-brain connection to help slow our brainwaves and move our physical bodies towards sleep. Without the grogginess the next day. Without the negative side effects on our mental health. Just calming, relaxing aromas that work with our bodies and brains.

Each essential oil in the Peace & Calming blend was carefully selected for its unique benefits:

  • Tangerine: contains esters and aldehydes that are supportive of calming the nervous system and releasing anxious thoughts and nerves
  • Orange: uplifting to the mind, helps bring a sense of joy and peace; commonly used in aromatherapy to help release anxious feelings
  • Ylang ylang: supports relaxation, balances male and female energies to restore confidence and equilibrium
  • Patchouli: high in sesquiterpenes, this oil stimulates the limbic center of the brain to support grounding and centering, helps clarify the thoughts, allowing the mind to relax and release insecurities
  • Blue Tansy: helps cleanse the liver and lymphatic system, combats anger and negative emotions
  • And Cedarwood: helps us deal with repetitive program glitches in our nervous system while also calming the mind and making our thinking more productive.


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We can't wait to hear your story as you relax your way into better sleep this month!